Greeting from Japan!

Some facts about Japan

* The population of Japan is calculated roughly at 126 million and Japan shares the world third largest GDP and act economically important roles in Asia countries.

* According to a survey, the percentage of Japanese language being used on the Internet is 5 % in the world and it is the third largest language on the net communication.

* In Japan, there are 2,000 LSPs. Large scale Japanese LSPs are few of them but the others are small-medium sized translation companies (such as 1 – 50 employees). Many of them still do not use regularly CAT tools.

* The trend of in-bounding and out–bounding of industry and service sectors between Asian countries (not only China, Korean, Taiwan but also Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and others) and Japan are being rapidly increased nowadays.

Our company

Our company name, G-Com, comes from “Global communicator”.

Based on our corporate philosophy of “supporting our customers’ communications all over the world”, since our foundation in the year 1990, we have provided reliable and satisfactory global communication services to our customers.

We have established extensive networks in the Japanese market and all over the world through more than 20 years of our experiences with the translation industry, we are sure to lead your language service businesses toward success.

Our main services are “Multilingual translations (not only Japanese but also other Asian languages)”, “Production of multilingual web sites”, and “Subtitle translation and editing of movies and promotion videos”. In addition to the three services, now we just added and started the promotion of Wordbee products in Japan!

We also act the Japanese board of director for "Association of Asian Translation Industry” (located in Bangkok, Thailand) consisting of 13 Asian countries and regions in order to foster and improve the translation industries and translators in Asia.


The sole agent of Wordbee in Japan

We are pleased to launch the distribution of Wordbee products for the customers in Japan as the sole agent based on our 24 years experience with the Japanese translation industry.

The trend of globalization for every field in Japan has been increasingly accelerated. The needs for translation of multilingual languages also continue to grow along with it.

Under the such situation, now Computer Aided Translation tools are indispensable for our multilingual works.

Among the similar tools, we strongly recommend Wordbee Translator that is really attractive in terms of reasonable prices, rigid security and various functionalities satisfying the needs of any translation environments.

With Wordbee products, we would like to totally support and energize all worker bees involving translations and make them happy!

We believe Wordbee shall become very soon the most powerful and popular online translation and management solutions as well in the Japanese market.

Please feel free to inquire of trial versions (free of charge), the products and all about Wordbee in Japanese or English.